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The “Tweenies” health centric product line of Eurocake Premium will cater to “tweens”, aged between 7 to 12 years. Kids these days are growing up too quickly, this age bracket are those that are not young kids anymore, and slowly becoming a teen. Now, busy moms and their children everywhere can enjoy the perfect “Nutritious, Safe & Tasty Snacks” experience with the innovative products from Eurocake Premium Tweenies product line, offering a way for parents to treat their children without the guilt of giving them treats loaded with sugar, preservatives and allergens and where our children would also feel great in having them in school or hanging out with their friends.

Nutrition First, Great Taste…that’s the Tweenies experience in a phrase, with the neon green tone that reflects our commitment to tasty and healthy snacking for our tweens to enjoy with the lovingly-made cookies, cakes, and brownies.”

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