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Do you represent a company that has been seeking out the best manufacturers in the Middle East producing baked snacks such as long shelf life packaged croissants or long shelf life brownies? Are you looking for the best swiss rolls, cakes and brownies manufacturers producing the most unique and innovative products that are different yet have a huge consumer need and demand in the market?

When it comes to snacks manufacturers, no one is at the top of their game like Dofreeze. As such, we’re always looking for distribution entities to do business with, so if you’re in the market to distribute products from one of the most respected snacks manufacturers in Dubai, we’d like to join forces with you.

No matter where you are in the world – Asia, Africa, the Middle East, America and beyond – Dofreeze manufactures the baked snack goods that will take your distribution efforts to deliciously new heights, with tantalizing favorites from respected brands like Eurocake. For Dofreeze, the concept of a “partnership” means entering into a project that must be mutually beneficial, drawing on each partner’s strengths for an overall gain. In so doing, we build effective relationships with distribution partners that also realize that this is the bedrock of a lasting impact…and we’re always looking for more.

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