Eurocake Premium BeFIT Gluten Free Loaf Cake


The Eurocake Premium BeFIT Gluten Free Loaf Cake, we take your health as well as your favorite treats very seriously! Our scientists have carefully selected natural gluten-free flours, with reduced sugar so you could enjoy a delicious and fluffy cakes. Enjoy your favorite cake available in vanilla flavor.

Shelf life: 9 Months
Storage Type: Ambient
Packaging: 23g x 8pc x 12boxes
Ctn dimension (L*W*H) 435*316*125mm
1*40ft Reefer (floor load): 3300 ctns
1*40ft Dry (floor load): 3900 ctns
No. of cartons per pallet: 2880 ctns

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SKU: BeFit 1